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UniSA Online leadership team

Associate Professor Barbara Parker
Executive Director: UniSA Online
Associate Professor Jodie George
Academic Director: UniSA Online
Julia Atterton
Deputy Director: UniSA Online

Associate Deans: UniSA Online

Each Associate Dean: UniSA Online oversees the curriculum development for UniSA Online degrees within their portfolio of disciplines and provide a pivotal link between UniSA Online and academic staff across the university. The Associate Deans: Online Education support the Academic Director: UniSA Online in ensuring that UniSA Online degrees contain high quality curriculum and employ best practice in online learning approaches.

Associate Professor Rhoda Abadia
Associate Dean: UniSA Online
Associate Professor Gisela Van Kessel
Associate Dean: UniSA Online
Dr Claire Aitchison
Associate Dean: UniSA Online

Program Facilitators

Our program facilitators lead a team of Online Course Facilitators and Online Tutors to deliver an outstanding online learning experience for all students. They support the Academic Director; UniSA Online to ensure the design and development of the course content and assessments are of the highest quality and that discipline knowledge and industry experience remains current and relevant. Our Program Facilitators include:

Dr Kim Burley
Program Facilitator
Tarosh Jacob
Program Facilitator
Dr Bella Van Sebille
Program Facilitator
Dr M. Shokry Abdelaal
Program Facilitator

Online Course Facilitators

The Online Course Facilitator oversees the provision of students’ learning across a group of courses within a UniSA Online degree. Typically they are responsible for courses across a year level or sometimes for a set of courses across a theme or sub-discipline within the degree. The Online Course Facilitators have experience and expertise in the relevant discipline and they also coordinate day-to-day activities of online tutors.

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