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Careers in health are on the rise and employment for nutrition professionals in Australia is projected to increase by over 7 per cent by 2026*. With the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, as well as an ageing population – health practitioners who take a holistic approach to nutrition and exercise are highly sought after. Discover the most in-demand skills health practitioners need to succeed in the nutrition and exercise industry.

*Australian Government National Skills Commission Employment Projections 2021.


Top skills employers look for in nutrition & exercise professionals

  1. The ability to plan and deliver health promotion campaigns
  2. Demonstrate expert knowledge on national physical activity and dietary guidelines
  3. Professionals with strong leadership and advocacy skills
  4. Display strong project management skills to ensure projects finish on time, on budget and within quality standards
  5. Soft skills: Effective communicators who can deliver presentations, run community workshops, or develop pamphlets and posters on health-related topics

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Nutrition and Exercise Jobs

As a health professional, your career opportunities are extremely varied. There are many opportunities for health professionals in federal, state and local government, the not-for-profit sector, private enterprise and at a very grass-roots level in community agencies. You could also work in health agencies, hospitals, universities and health research institutes.

You may decide to specialise in a certain area like workplace health, community development, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking or teenage pregnancy – or you may decide to work with particular client groups such as the elderly, people with disabilities or high performing athletes.


Health and wellness lifestyle adviser

Health and wellness lifestyle advisers provide advice related to diet and nutrition, exercise, and general health and wellbeing, in a variety of settings, and to a diverse range of community groups and individuals; identify and apply best practice behavioural strategies to help individuals achieve their health goals; and coach people to identify and respond to psychological challenges in relation to healthy eating and exercise.


Nutrition and Exercise consultant

Nutrition and exercise consultants help assess and increase an individual's fitness, sporting performance and general health; apply evidence-based approaches for weight management; and understand nutritional, environmental and sociocultural influences on health and body weight; stay up-to-date with the latest scientific research in nutrition and exercise.


Corporate health and wellness adviser

Corporate health and wellness advisers possess a high level of knowledge regarding contemporary Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) practices and risk management protocols; contribute to workplace wellness initiatives and programs; provide advice to senior management on issues involving health, safety and wellness; and identify opportunities to weave mental, physical and well-being into the organisational culture.


Health promotion officer

Health promotion officers plan and develop policies, strategies and projects that promote health at a local, regional or national level; develop the health awareness of individuals, groups and organisations; aid health promotion in different environments; and ensure work is underpinned by up-to-date knowledge of health promotion theory.


Active and healthy ageing adviser

Active and healthy ageing advisers promote, build and support the health and well-being of older people; identify and promote effective active and healthy ageing programs and strategies; disseminate evidence, research and data relevant to peak bodies, health providers and sporting organisations to build and support age-friendly environments relevant to older people.

Make a career change

If you’re looking to make a career change, studying a university degree is a great option to launch your new career. UniSA Online’s Nutrition and Exercise degree will give you the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for while giving you the flexibility to continue working while you study.

Upskill to advance your career

You may be at a point in your career where you’ve gained a wealth of experience in your current role, but lack the necessary skills to advance in your career. People interested in a nutrition and exercise degree can come from a range of roles and industries including:

  • Fitness trainer
  • Dietitian or nutritionist
  • Health coach
  • Community health worker
  • Health support worker
  • Aged and disabled carer
  • Health and welfare support worker
  • Nurses and midwives

Whether you’re looking to upskill and advance your current career or embark on a career change, UniSA Online’s Nutrition and Exercise degree will give you the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals.

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