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While crime has decreased, annual expenditure on criminal justice continues to rise every year*, indicating a need for skilled professionals in this field. With strong employment growth predicted to 2020**, now is the time to get ahead in your criminal justice career. We’ve collated the top five essential skills criminal justice professionals need to succeed in our 20-page career guide.

*PwC Media and Entertainment Outlook report 2016.
** Department of Employment 2017

Top skills employers look for in criminal justice professionals

  1. Broad knowledge of the criminal justice system
  2. An understanding of new and emerging digital innovations
  3. Research and analytical skills to gather information and identify patterns and trends
  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills
  5. Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills

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Discover the essential skills criminal justice professionals need to succeed, career opportunities, and industry trends in your free 20-page career guide.


Criminal Justice Jobs

With the industry experiencing steady job growth, there are diverse career opportunities for criminal justice professionals. While many roles are found in government agencies, including law enforcement and intelligence as well as social welfare and correctional services, there are also opportunities to work in the private sector and not-for-profitorganisations.


Policy adviser

Policy advisers develop and analyse policies guiding the design, implementation and modification of government or commercial operations and programs. Policy advisers conduct environmental scans to identify and develop options to address topical and emerging issues, trends, risks and opportunities in the criminal justice system.


Strategic policy and planning manager

Strategic policy and planning managers lead policy development and planning activities to help inform the ways in which criminal justice activities occur. Strategic policy and planning managers also inform the community about changes to legislation and reform.


Intelligence and policy analyst

Intelligence and policy analysts gather, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources; determine the significance and reliability of incoming information. Intelligence and policy analysts develop and analyse policies to guide the design, implementation and modification of government and commercial operations.


Correctional services officer

Correctional services officers undertake a front-line role in the prison system, and are responsible for a wide range of duties relating to the safety, security and welfare of prisoners. Correctional officers assess and counsel offenders with matters affecting their welfare, security,  behaviours and routines.


Child protection officer

Child protection officers respond to the concerns regarding the safety and well-being of children and families strengthen their capacity to provide care and safety for children and other family members.

Looking to change your career?

It’s never too late to pursue your passion. If you’re looking for a new career, UniSA Online’s 100% online Criminal Justice degree is a great place to start. This degree will give you the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for while giving you the flexibility to continue working while you study.

Want to move up in your current role?

Do you have experience in social work, counselling, welfare support or law enforcement, and want to enhance your career prospects? This degree will complement your work experience, giving you a competitive edge to take the next step in your career.

People interested in studying criminal justice and criminology can come from a range of roles including:

  • Social worker
  • Counsellor
  • Welfare support worker
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Police officer
  • Security officer

Whatever your goals may be, studying online is a great option for people looking to upskill or launch their new career. Our 100% online Bachelor of Criminal Justice will equip you with the skills that employers are looking for, and will help you put your best foot forward in this growing industry.

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Explore the inner workings of the criminal justice system and discover how it responds to crime and promotes justice for individuals and the community. Informed by the most up-to-date developments in criminology, you’ll learn about innovative fields like cybercrime, victimology, offender rehabilitation and desistance theory.

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