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28 March 2021

Strengthen your interpersonal and teamwork skills

Master of Psychology

A degree in psychology isn’t just for people wanting to become a registered psychologist. Whether you work in human services, disability and ageing, health, HR, or marketing and communications, knowledge of psychological principles and the underlying reasons behind human behaviour can be incredibly beneficial to your career. Read on to discover the many ways psychology can help you get a one-up for that next role.

Build meaningful professional relationships

Having a deep insight into why people behave in certain ways is a unique and marketable skill in a range of industries, particularly in roles that require teamwork and collaboration. HR teams use psychological testing to determine which job candidate is the best fit, marketers garner insights into consumers’ buying habits, and teachers need an understanding of human development and how we change and grow. A knowledge of psychology can be applied almost everywhere in our lives.

Strengthen your interpersonal and teamwork skills

No matter where your career takes you, you’ll be required to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Employers are looking for people who can relate to others, understand cultural differences, show empathy, and address individual issues and concerns. Understanding why people act in certain ways can help you build strong professional relationships, increase team morale, and navigate sensitive issues in the workplace.

Communicate effectively

Effective communication consistently ranks as one of the most important skills employers look for when hiring new staff. Whether it’s writing policy papers, developing reports, maintaining records, speaking one-on-one with clients, conducting interviews, or leading discussions with colleagues, communication is not only a valuable skill, it’s intrinsic to all roles within the human services sector – and beyond. No matter where your career takes you, you’ll need strong written and verbal communication skills to present information to a range of stakeholders in a clear, articulate, and professional manner.

Learn to think critically and creatively

People are complex and often seek help for problems in many domains of their lives. Professionals who can think critically and creatively, using an evidence-based approach, can make better-informed decisions for their clients. Problem-solving skills allow you to work through challenges, make the most of available resources, and find effective solutions.

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