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All invigilated online exams are regulated by Section 6 of the Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual.

Failure to comply with the exam rules below may result in a breach of exam conditions. A copy of these rules can be found here (PDF, 126 KB)

  • Your behaviour minus-thick plus-thick
    1. Your identity and exam environment must be recorded. This includes providing each of the following:
      • a clear photo taken of your student identification card (or an alternative form of photo id that has your name and photo on the same side - such as a passport or driver's licence
      • a clear photo taken of you sitting in your exam environment (you must not wear a hat, beanie or any other head dress, unless required for religious observance or medical reasons, during this step and throughout the exam.)
      • a clear short video recording of the examination room to ensure the room is free of prohibited items or other people.
    2. Do not wear or use items in, over or surrounding, the ear.
    3. Do not communicate with any other person.
    4. Stay within view of the webcam at all times. Do not leave the room during the exam for any reason.
    5. Do not wear or use a Smartwatch for any reason.
    6. You may have your mobile phone on hand for UniSA/RPnow technical support only. The phone must be placed face down on the desk and not accessed for any other reason. 
      Note: If you use your phone to contact RPnow or UniSA IT support it must be in full view of the webcam and on speakerphone.
  • Your exam environment minus-thick plus-thick
    1. Take the exam in the same room that you scanned during set up for the current exam.
    2. Ensure the exam area (desk, under and surrounding the desk) is clear and clean.
    3. The exam area, including walls around you, must not have any writing.
    4. Television, radio and other audio visual devices are not permitted.
    5. No other person is allowed in the room.
    6. The lighting in the room must be sufficient so that the web-cam can capture a clear recording of you and the room.
  • The computer you use to take the exam minus-thick plus-thick

    Use only the software applications permitted for your specific exam. Your Online Course Facilitator will advise.

  • Permitted materials minus-thick plus-thick

    The following items must not be in the exam area or used during your online exam, unless otherwise stated as permitted materials for the specific exam.  Your Online Course Facilitator/Course Coordinator will advise.

    1. paper
    2. writing implements (pens/pencils, etc)
    3. books, including dictionaries, textbooks, notebooks
    4. calculators
    5. post-it notes
    6. magazines