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“Completing a degree is a challenge, but so is anything worth doing.”

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Why have you decided to study at this point in your life?

I have always had an interest in human beings, business and technology, which was why my first degree was in eCommerce and Marketing. Facebook launched the year I graduated, and while businesses have not stopped transforming or innovating since, I feel that I have reached my career ceiling based on my skillset.

Was there a particular moment when you decided that you wanted to pursue a university degree?

There were a few mini epiphanies.

In my current work, I meet with many technology companies, which opened my eyes to the world where machine learning, the Internet of Things and data-driven businesses are a reality – and a growing industry. The possibilities of what we can learn about business and ourselves through technology are incredibly exciting.

At the same time, the marketing and advertising industry has become more data-driven. It is not enough to build and execute a campaign – it’s critical to demonstrate return on investment. I realised that my lack of technical skills hindered my ability to measure the effectiveness of my work.

Finally, it was a combination of the job market and a health scare that made me take stock of what I wanted in a career. The job market that matched my skill set no longer excited me, and I couldn’t bear the thought of doing the same job for the next two to three decades.

“I have a young family and work full-time, so flexibility is very important to me.”
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How will your degree help you to achieve your career goals?

I hope that my degree will help open more doors to job opportunities and new industries that I previously lacked the skills for. When combined with my existing work experience in marketing and business operations, I believe having technical skills is an advantage, especially when there is a shortage of skilled IT and data professionals in Australia.

I have not been able to directly use what I’ve studied at work yet, however, that day inches closer. For the first time, I understand concepts like APIs, and I feel that one day soon, everything that I’ve learned will click. 

What kind of opportunities does studying 100% online give you?

I have a young family and work full-time, so flexibility is very important to me. Being able to study 100% online means that I can study when my child is in bed, or when I’m commuting to work. It means that I can study during my child’s gymnastic class, when I’m waiting in the car, or on a weekend trip away – all of these examples are real.

“I hope that my degree will help open more doors to job opportunities and new industries that I previously lacked the skills for.”
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 Did you have any concerns before starting your degree? Was there anything holding you back?

The only thing that held me back was the time commitment. 10-20 hours a week per subject is a lot to commit when you work full-time and want to spend some time with your family too. With the right planning, I’ve found I’ve been able to manage my time effectively.

If you could give your past self a few words of advice knowing what you do now, what would you say?

Completing a degree is a challenge, but so is anything worth doing. Before embarking on this journey, my advice is to plan because it’s a marathon, not a race. Plan your time, ensure that you have support from loved ones. Support from your workplace is a bonus – especially if they can see the value to their business. Use your role as an opportunity to gain work experience and apply your learnings to real-world scenarios.

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